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Just one afternoon of pics from inside the infamous "Jacks Boys".  
This is in reality "The Fonz" from American Graffiti.

Engines, the throbbing heart of the entire racing picture.  The men that carefully balance pistons, rings, and rods.  Blueprint an internal combustion engine to maximize output.  In Formula One racing the engines have exacting parameters that must be adhered to.  There is an art to making an engine virtually identical to all the others - yet - just a little better.  It is a delicate procedure of weight and balance, a high polish finish here and a little more aerodynamic there.  An engine builder is a craftsman who feels the flow of fluid and air, a master of thrust delivery and understands the complexity of a simple port and "on spot" weighting.

There is so much more than the engine.  Even the "look" of the body or the layout of the chassis can work to a racers advantage.  Subtle lines, the right colors for the driver/track, a new observable part, new paint on old engine, the facial expressions in the pit; all play a part in the drama which unfolds at RACE TIME.


1/14/2009 Burien Imports celebrates 35 year anniversary

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