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Jack here.

  • So, wada ya want.  (Jack)

    • I wanna RACE Formula Fords. (Rookie Driver)
  • Hum, you wanna race?  Can you walk a "G" String?   
    • What do you mean "walk a "G" string?
  • Pay Attention;  you never hear of walking a "G" String?  
  • Not from around here are you. 
    • I've lived in Washington since '89.
  • So, 10 years, like I said "your not from around here".  
  • Okay okay, lets see if you can do it.  Pay Attention; Close your eyes; right, that's good.  Okay, touch your index finger on the tip of your nose.  Pay Attention, just like you do if a cop is testing your for DUI.  


  • Okay, Pay Attention now; your are going to walk a straight line for 7 steps, one foot planted directly in front of the other, pick up that beer and bring it back to me.


  • Whoa, steady boy !  Relax,  I didn't say move.  Did you hear me tell you to move?  Pay Attention, Okay, you gotta do it backwards.  ---  Yeah, finger on nose, eyes closed, and backwards.  See, the "G's" make it hard to bite a line out of a fast tight corner.   If you can't do this on a straight line, you'll never make around turn 3&4 at SIR!
    • So, why is it called a "string"?
  • Jeez, you want all the answers to life right now or what?
    • Just tell me what to do to be a good racer - okay.
  • A line, a string, you see your line as you drive, you see it as a string all you gotta do is stick to it no matter the pucker.
  • Tell you what.  You really do need some practice first.  Download this program and execute it on the desktop of your machine.  See if you can move your mouse around the desktop without "Little Jack"  seeing you.  Do that and your in. 
    • I get it, it's a game hu, all I gotta do is play the game hu.

(Click here to Download "Little Jack".  (choose "Save the program to your disk", and point it to your Desktop then just Double click the icon to activate.)  Now, try to move your mouse around without "Little Jack" seeing you!.

  • I know your a rookie, so if you have trouble getting rid of that pesky "Little Jack" ,  I'll help you - but you'll have to try first on your own and come back here and click if you need help getting rid of him.

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