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Ole’ 55 Is For Sale….

 1981 Van Diemen Formula Ford Racing Car.  

Pristine, original and unmolested.


HistoryOriginally purchased and campaigned in 1981 by former national FF Champion Mr. Tom Wiechmann, [1975 in an ADF, check your ‘green book’]. 

Unloaded out of the airplane and assembled by Mr. Archie Hodge. 

 Purchased and campaigned the following year, [1982] by Northwest racing legend Jack Scher, [again; check your ‘green book’, pg 44].   

The car came to me in the spring of 1983. 

Bottom line here is that I can personally introduce you to every person who has ever laid a hand on this car,  [other than the beloved ‘Scotty’, may he rest in peace..].

Great pictures

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By ‘original’ I mean; original paint on the frame, [except roll hoop], original Cosworth oil pump, original Hewland transmission adapter, [undamaged, unrepaired], original LifeLine electric fire system, three of the four original Panasports, [good story there], and while I can’t absolutely confirm it, what I believe to be the original 711 block, which has been rebuilt/refreshed several times over the years, sleeved, [one race on most recent refresh]. Original Armstrong shocks in perfect operating condition.

During my time in the sun I was, with the Lord’s [and Jack’s] grace, on the Conference [ICSCC] podium three times with this car.


  •  Logbooks continuous from 1983…   [SCCA, ICSCC]

  •  Roll hoop for tall driver, [I’m 6’1”]

  •  Loyning top end.

  •  Jack bottom end

  •  Tilton Clutch, [original w/bobbin available]

  •  Tilton XLT starter, [original Lucas available]

  •  12 Panasports.

  •  A couple extra gear sets.

  •  AMB Transponder.

  •  Quick Jack.

  •  Battery Cart.

  •  Lil’ Indian pit runner, [practically new]

  •  EZ-up Dome top paddock shelter

  • Alignment equipment, mostly ala’ Carroll Smith.

  •  Ruggles scales.

  •  Nice purpose built Freeman open trailer.

‘Reasonable offers’

 Contact:    Chip Diemond hrchipage@hotmail.com

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