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It's not that "Jack" is all knowing (even though he may portray that image), it is more that he is able to pull out the "best someone can give".  Very often what he does best is build confidence, encourage the "warrior" within.  Much like a sports coach, Jack can convince the driver to dig deeper, make the mechanic or the driver hone and polish their talents.  What ever the scenario you'll find Jack asking for just a little more than you think you've got.

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   Jack specializes in creating a small number of "built by hand" designed and detailed race cars.  He has assembled a huge number of winning Formula Ford  racing engines.  He has been inspirational to many local aspiring drivers as well as veterans and racing enthusiasts from across the country.
Most projects tend to involve much more than mere engine design and assembly.  Jack is equipped to develop a fully professional competition race machine.  From the ground up assembly, all hand fit, "one off" part development and custom designed to fit the driver style.  When he is able to match a high quality machine with a driver full of desire and capability nothing can stand in the way. 

The Pacific NorthWest has a long standing tradition for producing the highest quality Formula Ford Racers in the country.  No doubt, if they have Jack and Jack's boys to compete with this area forces the skill level way up.  "You are only as good as your competition, the tougher your competition the tougher you will be."  I'm not sure who said that, but I remember it from coaching long ago, and it's true. 

Jack, he understands all the elements that make up a race.

Jack becomes one with the race.

Jack thinks "Out side the box".

be the car,

be the track,

be Jack

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