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The RACE - All the hours or work and preparation to the race car, all the talk and all the learning.  It all stops here.  Like a tornado sucking up all racing related thought and effort into a focused tunnel it all comes together.  It's time to RACE.

No more time to contemplate, no time to wonder "if".  This is what you came for, this is open wheel RACING at it's best

Jack is the number 8 car in the beginning of a race.   These racers have to not only race their cars and navigate the contours of the track but have to keep a vigilant eye on the other racers around them.  Open wheel racing is far more complicated and precise than other forms of racing where you see a horde of stock cars with no open wheels running around & around an oval.  Here there are many degrees of turning radiuses, hills, dips, and cambers to negotiate - at speed, in traffic.  This is RACING


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