Curtis products was a bulk vender primarily benefiting the March of Dimes.

As a commission sales rep for Curtis products I used telemarketing and cold call sales to increase accounts from 660 to 1056 accounts, with an average increase in individual acct revenues from $17 to $32.00 each. This growth promoted the hiring of an additional route salesman and I had to sub-divide my territorial route.

At one time Curtis products was a prospering national corporation. However, bitter feuding between the owners & partners lead to legal disputes, statewide territory buyouts the loss of majority account base and eventually state by state hostile takeovers. Curtis products is no longer operational in the West Coast.

This was my first experience with a large business which self-destructed.  It became a very stressful and difficult environment to work in.  Most of the sales reps moved on to other work or banded together to form independent vending businesses.