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Currently I am the Administrator / CEO of an internet development business called iDEAS est. 1995.


iDEAS est. 1995, - is an Internet consultation and development business modeled to assist businesses in the creation and evolution of professional Internet style communication interfaces.

My mission with iDEAS is to accomplish client needs as well as aid and educate about Internet related elements and web development decorum. I endeavor to empower and  inspire clients to internally control Internet escalation with the new knowledge and resources I bring to the table. I manage full scale Internet projects & development and offer "domain hosting" for clients across the country. I perform web server administration services for many client domains and support other clients on independent hosting. I have the capability to offer a full range of Internet developments from data base connectivity & marketing to site management.

I sponsor continued staff studies in any Internet related field to "sharpen" skills and stay abreast of the latest technology and developments in the electronic realm. To avoid working in a "vacuum" I do "associate" with 3 other Internet engineers and continue studies and active participation in the technology advances of the time to maximize my performance. Although each person is an self employed person we have collaborated on many projects and shared jobs whenever needed.  The first web I officially developed in June of '95 is not only still active; it experiences the heaviest traffic in its field and has won 2 Internet awards.

I can provide in-house VBScript, ASP, JavaScript, Shockwave, or database connectivity to create a web using bleeding edge technology if required by the client. During the past 6 years of web development iDEAS has had the opportunity to interact with most web development tools directly or indirectly to create a myriad of web designs. I have created webs incorporating most of the latest technological features. The features that benefit clients the most tend to enhance the "usability" and reduce the need for phone and paper exchange. The most important element of any web is simply it's content. The most important features of any web is the ability to access that content. A compilation of current active clients (Partners), are available for review on either of the 2 IDEAS hosting domain web servers at  or .

 I am responsible for:
  • Business management as well as the direction and scope of challenges the business will undertake. 
    • Business proposals
    • Jobs completion
    • Scheduling - Timeline
    • Billing
  • Marketing and Advertising for business.
    • e-marketing
    • pounding the pavement
    • target market via US snail mail, email, newsgroups, internet directories, lists, clubs & organizations.
  • Jobs allocation or coordination between Internet Partnerships.
    • Coding, Development, Testing, Hosting and Configurations. 
    • Web server administration and training
    • Email server administration and training
    • I have access to 3 on call internet developers as consultants.  I sub-contract in these consultants when needed on large or specialized jobs.
  • Project analysis , management, fulfillment, scheduling and billing.
     The iDEAS business model has been successfully operated since inception in 1995.  It has grown from a simple static web page development environment to a full service albeit small, Internet development, hosting and training operation which has enjoyed an impressive list of clientele.  I have purposely kept the business "small".  Manageable by one person, even if that means allocating work outside when things get busy.   I have no desire to expand beyond the ability to offer personal service myself. 

Roy Harvey

list of businesses I have had the opportunity to associate with: Boeing Airline Manufacturing, City of Seattle, Weyerhaeuser, Port of Seattle, University at Sea, Washington State Department of Revenue, INTEL, University of Washington, City of Tacoma, City of Woodinville, Woodinville Water Company, Dauntless Motors, Children's Hospital, A.G. Edwards, QFC Grocery, Coca Cola, State of Washington, Seattle Police Dept., City of Tacoma, Seattle Times, Seattle Post Intelligencer,  City of Kent, City of Mill Creek, Dauntless motors, KegWorld, Strategic Resources, National MGNOC, Legal Brief, IRDC, ICSCC, Burien Imports, BlackJackRacing, Fuel Safe Washington, Vails Inventions, Zone Challenge, Gallaghers, Windy Trails, Smart Drilling, Dial One, Legal Pleading, Economy Housing, Fox Guide Service, & Public or Private Classes instructing office software or Internet development.  References and referrals available upon request.  However, here are some online: References and Testimonials from Clients

Business page; with multiple sub pages;

4706 208th SE  
Bothell, WA 98012
Fax 425.398.8615


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