In August of 93 I began developing Sweets-N-Treats Outreach Vending. By 1996 this small outreach vending business actively represented 9 local charities and multiple commercial accounts covering 5 counties in western Washington State.

Starting a small bootstrap business without sinking allot of money for startup is a challenge to anyone, fortunately I knew how to make this business work.   I modified the typical vending business operations to fit the specific areas and benefit the local areas to maximize the acceptability of the machines. Relying on my reputation, sales and marketing skills, and determination I set out to build a business through outreach vending.

I started with the purchase of 10 little vending machines and worked out of a 1980 VW Sirocco. 

I was able to build that up to a rotating inventory of 260 mechanisms. Most of these are placed in locations from Burlington to Issaquah and Whidbey Island to Sultan all within Washington State.

I promoted my outreach vending ideas to the local police stations to help benefit their "DARE" campaigns for most of the cities in all 5 counties   I also promoted machines benefiting the local Cancer Charity and some specific local "Disaster Relief Funds" in towns that had that sort of program.  

I was responsible for all the marketing and development and made a point of doing at least three marketing attempts on each days route.  

I negotiated the successful sale of the business in June of '98. 

Today the business is still thriving under new ownership.

My father was an entrepreneur who once told me that any business large or small, that someone is willing to buy is a successful enterprise.