I was responsible for all project operations, and multiple accounts coordination for simultaneous operations from a single calling center.
I consulted clients in regards to electronic data transfer to save costs and increase overall efficiency. I am the internet representative and webmaster for WMG and conduct any research and internet marketing that is required.

Daily I strove to achieve production goals for each project. To accomplish this it is necessary to stay in touch and up to date with all aspects of current and developing projects. I conducted production meetings and daily review summary data base reports outlining each projects statistics to identify problems, challenges, objections, scheduling, then initiate scripting changes.

My Training regime to insure quality telemarketing begins with an in-depth study program using video & audio materials and monitoring equipment that gradually moves TSR's (Telephone Sales Representatives), from role play to live calling. Initial training takes 15 to 25 hours of study in the phone room with after hour study guides. It is important to reduce burnout with continual discussions, moral boosts, confidence building, and friendships. Training seminars and meetings are held monthly to refresh and exchange experiences.

There is no substitute for experience. To be an effective Supervisor for the Client, the Customer on the phone, and the employees you must been a hands on Supervisor. Although it is not possible for me to work a phone on a regular basis I made the time to experience the routine of each campaign. I have held all of the top performance positions during my active tenure at WMG and have retained the distinction as #1 in quality production results.

WMG has been offering manual and predictive dialer services since 1988.
We were able to place up to 750,000 calls monthly.

Services include:

Through the years we have been fortunate to be associated with many great accounts, some of our more ambitious campaigns have been associated with: